Discover the benefits of the Rointe Digital System – Low Consumption Integral Heating

Electric Heating

Central heating in the future will be based around highly efficient, slim line electric units. Urban Energy install the Rointe heating range that offers the same experience as gas central heating yet with far greater controllability and lower running costs. Not only that, unlike electric heaters of the past, they are stylish and compact.

With solar and electric, running costs come down, oil and gas running costs go up…

Electric heating is very easy to install, keeping costs to a minimum plus there is no requirement for any pipe-work – just a simple connection to the electric circuit. This means minimal disruption to households and as heaters work standalone, easy to add at any time to suit your budget requirements.


  • Electric heaters are 100% efficient – no other fuel can achieve this.
  • All electric used is converted into heat (for example, if you switch on a 500W fire for 1 hour this will cost you 5p).
  • An electric heating system will last 50% longer than a gas system.
  • Electric heaters produce fewer emissions, even more so when adding solar energy and digital thermostats


  • Radiators made with injected aluminium of high purity
  • Reinforced steel resistance for high calorific performance.
  • Special thermal oil for heating.
  • Digital electronic thermostat of high technology.
  • Electronic digital sensor able to detect the temperature of the room with a +/- 0.25ºC precision.
  • Optional remote programmer for quick and easy programming of multiple radiators.
  • Fully programmable 24 hour, 7 days a week time and temperature settings (anti-frost mode, economy mode and comfort mode), using the radiator control panel.
  • Polycarbonate and flame-proof ABS enclosure.
  • Fireproof silicone covering on wires.
  • Instructions kit, installation pattern, and safety fittings
  • Shockproof, high density packaging stretched and packed in a carton box.
  • Painted in white colour (RAL 9010) epoxy resin, dried in oven.